Who is BOS-UP?


At BOS-UP, our passion and specialization is helping Startups and Small Businesses build, run, and scale successful and resilient companies, using the innovative and world-class Ninety 90os Business Operating System

BOS-UP is founded, managed, and supported by a team of credentialed coaches – with extensive experience as founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and executive leaders. The foundation for our company and the work we do is based on our passion for helping business owners and leadership teams optimize your vision, productivity, and results – in order to generate more, with less. By more, we mean more growth, production, profits, and fun. By less, we mean less stress, fear, expense, and frustrations.

BOS-UP is the most simple, effective, and affordable way to learn, implement, and benefit from the 90os Business Operating System. 

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Who is Ninety?

Ninety is an innovative, world-class software company that specializes in cloud-based Business Operating Systems. Their passion is helpings organizations focus, align, and thrive. Since their founding in 2017, organizations have turned to Ninety, and their expanding suite of tools and applications, to help them build and scale companies that will stand the test of time. 

While Ninety has software that supports various third-party systems, 90os is Ninety’s own flagship platform. 90os is the central hub for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams that want to work smarter and more effectively. The 90os platform makes it easy to frame, store, access, and archive information – and automates everyday aspects of your work, allowing your company to have more time to work on, rather than in, your business.     


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Even the most accomplished owners understand that building, running, and scaling a great business is challenging. Many work long hours and get less return on their investment of time, energy, and capital. BOS-UP, together with Ninety’s flagship Business Operating System (BOS) known as 90os, can help you fix the common challenges and obstacles, that most leadership teams face. In addition, we will help you clarify, validate, and harness the 9 Core Competencies which frame, guide, measure, and generate high-trust leadership, management, teamwork, and accountability, including:









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The combination of the BOS-UP Workshop and 90os platform will empower you to: