Workshop Overview

If you are ready for the most simple, effective and affordable way to learn, build, and benefit from the 90os Business Operating System (BOS) – and leverage the core concepts, tools, and disciplines for building, running and scaling a successful company – then our 90os Learning, Development & Application (LDA) Workshop is perfect for you. Workshops average 10-20 participants, take two days (approximately 14 hours), are conducted over two sequential weeks, and include pre and post Workshop materials.

Standardize processes and procedures, which can make a company more efficient and reduce the risk of errors.

Provide a common language and set of tools that all employees use to communicate and collaborate; stay on the same page.

Help make a company’s operations more transparent, which can improve accountability and trust within the organization.

Establish a standard approach for making decisions, which can help ensure decisions are made in a consistent, logical way.

Respond quickly to changes in the market or business environment; be and stay continuously adaptive. 

Manage customer relationships more effectively and efficiently, which can improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Scale more effectively with a framework for managing processes and operations, in a organized & efficient manner.

A focus on continuous learning and improvement can help you stay competitive and continually improve your operations.

A company with a great BOS should be performing well, as efficiency will help reduce costs and improve profitability.

Empower strong financial performance, as indicated by financial metrics such as revenue, growth, and return on investment.

A BOS-UP Workshop is a great solution if you:

Workshop Curriculum

FOundation Setting

Foundation Setting jumpstarts your learning, development and implementation of 90os. We also teach you the core concepts, tools and disciplines that it takes to effectively design, structure, build, run, measure and scale a consistently successful and resilient company.
  • Develop & Initiate your Responsibilities Chart
  • Define your Initial Company Scorecard
  • Establish your Rocks
  • Formulate & Set your Weekly Team Meetings

Vision Setting

Vision Setting provides a simple but comprehensive framework for how your company defines, guides, and validates who you are, where you are going, what you do, who you do it for, and why. This includes your purpose, values, focus, market, solution and value proposition
  • Establish your Core Values
  • Detail your Purpose, Cause, or Passion & Niche
  • Define your Marketing Strategy
  • Develop your Processes

Goal Setting

Goal Setting establishes the specific objectives, requirements, milestones, resources and key results needed to make your vision a reality. We do this by helping you determine, develop, document and validate 10-year goals, 3-year goals, 1-year goals and 90-day goals.
  • Create your CAGs
  • Detail your 3-year Goals
  • Specify your 1-year Goals
  • Review your Quarter Rocks
  • Overview of Additional 90os Tools

In addition to equipping you with the understanding, development, and application of your 90os platform – you will also learn important concepts, tools, and disciplines that it takes to build, run, and scale a successful company – with an emphasis on leadership, management, teamwork, and accountability. 

Our live and interactive Learning, Development & Application Workshops are jam-packed, intense, and fun. We cover a lot of ground, in a short amount of time. Facilitated by our certified coaches – who also have experience as founders, entrepreneurs, and executive leaders – participants will enjoy and benefit from our modular approach, that seamlessly blends code (i.e., the actual use of 90os), with context (i.e., how best to implement, apply and leverage). 

Each BOS-UP Workshop covers and includes: Core Competencies


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2 Attendees

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Private Company Workshop

Multiple Attendees


1 Attendee


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2 Attendees

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Private Company Workshop

Multiple Attendees

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Virtual Workshop Schedule

All classes are held from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.







Private Company:

8th, 15th, 22nd

Sold Out


Workshop #1: 6th, 13th

Workshop #2: (Invitation Only) 20th, 27th


Workshop #1: 3rd, 10th

Workshop #2: 17th, 26th


Workshop #1: 6th, 7th

Workshop #2: 13th, 20th

Workshop #3: 14th, 21st


Workshop #1: 5th, 12th

Workshop #2: 19th, 26th


Workshop #1: 2nd, 9th

Workshop #2: 15th, 16th


Workshop #1: 7th, 14th

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